The most ancient traces of espadrilles worldwide date from 4.000 years ago and were found in the province of Granada, Spain. Casa Vega has been manufacturing and selling espadrilles and horsebackriding equipment since 1860. What started 161 years ago as a venture to address the needs of local farmers and stockbreeders has now become a centenary brand that offers a selected range of impeccably manufactured and timeless espadrilles, handbags and accessories.

CASA VEGA’s original store by the Madrid flea market is a curious space with plenty of local flavour where all accessories presented are a good alternative for summer outfits. Our classic and retro leather handbags make great basics for all year long attires. Our exquisite loungewear portrays a very special touch and a small collection of gifts will be a source of inspiration for any occasion. CASA VEGA is a Madrid classic address with a contemporary twist.

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